living the green life


We at “Eco Thali” have a mission to reduce the impact of plastic and promote eco-friendly environment by manufacturing and exporting Areca Palm leaf products which are 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable resource

Our Products

Our Products are 100% organic and are manufactured out of fallen Areca Leaves. Few available products are as shown below.

Our Story

Living a green life

Our company aims to provide green solutions. Not only the process of obtaining leaves from the Areca palm trees is natural but also, the production process of Areca products does not require added chemicals neither does it require cutting or harming trees.


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Natural. Sustainable. Efficient


Only the center portion of the leaves are used to ensure uniform shape and aesthetic surface. Each product goes through rigorous quality control process to meet International standard. Great for weddings, parties and catering.


Microwave safe. Works great with stainless steel cutlery. Perfect for hot or cold food, liquid, gravy and ice-cream.


These are super eco-friendly products made from 100% natural material. Unlike bamboo, wooden and paper plates, no tree is harmed for manufacturing process. Only the naturally fallen areca palm leaves are used. This products are 100% compostable, chemical-free and biodegradable.


Serve your family and guests in style on every occasion from comfortably casual to fabulously formal looking plates. Lot sturdier than paper, plastic or bagasse plates. Exclusive natural textures make each plate unique.

Customer Feedback

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The products that I bought from EcoThali were really up to the standards and very good in quality. I was surprised to find that they are cost effective compared to other similar products in the market. Looking forward to our continuous business tie up.
Saumil Chokshi
Perfect plates with an eco-friendly touch. I am happy to say that I am contributing to a green future using EcoThali products which I found are living up to the promise of the company. They are clean, stylish looking, bio-degradable, strong and heat resistant.
Hiral Soni
My first impression about the company was they are working along with local farmers and local residents of the village to empower them and provide them job opportunities. I like the products they manufacture and hope to go a long way with our collaboration.
Raj Kasondra